Shipboard Mental Health - Counselling Fundamentals & Skills


    To Provide Shipboard Officers and Maritime Professionals with a clear appreciation of mental health awareness in the maritime industry, especially onboard commercial shipping, and equip them with some counselling fundamentals and responder skills to attend to those onboard who are experiencing mental health issues and need some form of immediate support or assistance.


    No Pre-requisite.


    Mental health issues are on the rise, primarily due to the circumstances caused by Covid Crisis. As the pressure from all corners continues to rise, the seafarers are facing the brunt too. Higher levels of psychiatric disorders have been observed among the seafaring occupational group in recent years. The problem gets exacerbated since people on board are not skilled at providing ‘first aid’ if mental health emergency occurs onboard, at sea. It is often challenging to identify the symptoms and provide appropriate support until the vessel reaches a destination where the person battling mental health issues can get the required help. 
    Marine officers on board can play a crucial role in supporting the mental well-being of seafarers. This One-day training program on ‘Shipboard Mental health: Counselling Skills” will equip the learners with the skills to:

    • Reduce the stigma around sharing mental wellbeing related issues
    • Create an environment where people are comfortable in seeking help on mental wellbeing related matters
    • Identify the symptoms when someone needs help
    • Prepare themselves to attend as ‘first responders’ by consciously cultivating the qualities of a counsellor
    • Practice attentive listening skills
    • Offer counselling advice - handling vulnerability and building mental resilience
    • Practice values, ethics and boundaries in counselling

Course Duration:

8 hours
  • Assessment

Payment Mode:

Cheque, Cash, PayNow and Telegraphic Transfer

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