1.   Student having any dispute or grievance should bring to the attention of WMI MR, who will investigate. 

2.   WMI endeavours to resolve the issue (dispute, grievance, appeals etc) within 14 working days

3.   Unresolved or difficult issues shall be brought to the attention of Top Management (MD).

4.   Where there are other parties involved, proper and relevant information shall be provided to them in a timely manner.
      Where other parties’ decision is required, consultation and documentation should be properly done.

5.   In all cases, the dispute or grievance issue will be handled in accordance to CPE’s and relevant government agencies’ requirement and regulations. The two mediation centres are Singapore Mediation Centre and Singapore Institute of Arbitrators.

6.   This policy (and Feedback & Compliant Management Procedure) also applies to appeal cases for retention, suspension, expulsion, award etc.