Performance Evaluation & Condition Monitoring of 2-Stroke Marine Engines


    To provide a clear understanding of the objectives of performance monitoring and evaluation, beyond commonly known practices, and understanding. As 2-stroke marine engine evolves over the years, many traditional practices are either no longer valid or needs to be modified, updated and improved. This training highlights such issues and misconceptions to provide Technical Managers, Superintendents and Sea Going Engineers a better understanding to manage their engines more effectively.



    No Pre-requisites.


    Understanding the concept of Performance Evaluation

    • Objectives of recording monthly performance
    • Difference between monitoring and evaluation
    • Looking beyond deviation limits
    • Common misconceptions and important adjustments to traditional practice

    Cylinder Lubrication

    • Understanding the key properties, functions, and development of Cylinder Oil

    • Understand the implication of Cylinder Oil properties on 2020 complaint fuel

    • Cylinder Oil application concepts

    • Common issues with Cylinder Lubricator settings

    Concept of Cylinder Drain Oil Analysis

    • Objectives and Benefits
    • Factors that will influence reliability of Samples and Test Results
    • Sampling difficulties 
    • Key issues with Onboard Analysis






Course Duration:

8 hours
  • Assessment

Payment Mode:

Cheque, Cash, PayNow and Telegraphic Transfer

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