(Pre-sea Marine Engineering Programme)


This is a career development programme that prepares Singaporeans to join the maritime industry and pursue their aspirations as Marine Engineers onboard ocean-going ships. 

The cadets will be attending full-time classroom-based training and practical lessons for 8 months as part of the pre-sea training, covering a series of modules listed below.

Bite-sized e-learning nuggets, complete with many quizzes, form the bulk of the course material for teaching and learning. These e-learning nuggets are to promote differentiated learning as participants are expected to be from varying backgrounds. The course leverages on the use of technology for teaching, learning and assessment. Majority of the learning and assessments shall be done on laptops and through online platforms. Almost 90% of the course is also available on mobile platforms. A constructivist Moodle Course Management System integrated with a dynamic WMI Knowledgebase Server form the backbone of our teaching/learning resources. WMI Knowledgebase is used for storing the contents and the concept maps, which are used for explaining various knowledge concepts and their inter-relationships. The engineering cadets are facilitated during the course by senior practitioners in their pursuit of knowledge, skills and in safe working practices as required on board. Average trainer-cadet ratio is presently 1:12.

More details are available at our learning portal (https://wavelinklms.edu.sg/)  


This course leverages on e-quizzes for both formative and summative assessments. The assessments include multiple choice (and variants such as true/false), multiple response (select all that apply), hotspot (select an area of an image), sequencing (for learning procedural tasks), matching (matching images with texts for identification or matching keywords with sentences), drag and drop (i.e. classify a number of items by dragging and dropping into various columns) and gap-fill quizzes (to check correct understanding of a content area). All these are good during formative learning when repeated attempts are encouraged with scope to revisit the content areas. Immediate feedbacks for assessments include positive as well as negative feedback with prompts to retry the quiz. However, for summative assessments only one attempt is allowed. Additionally, some discussion type quizzes and manual sketching type questions are also included in some modules.

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Eight months are spent in class completing the following modules during the Pre Sea Training:

1. Engine Room Simulator I (Core Module) 

2. Instrumentation (Core Module) 

3. Marine Engineering I (Core Module) 

4. Marine Engineering II (Core Module) 

5. Internal & External Communications (Core Module) 

6. Electrotechnology I (Core Module) 

7. Basic Workshop Practice I (Core Module) 

8. Engineering Drawing (Core Module) 

9. Basic Workshop Practice II (Core Module) 

10.  Ship Stability (Core Module) 

11.  Maritime Legislation I (Core Module) 

12.  Engineering Mechanics (Core Module) 

13.  Industrial Chemistry (Core Module) 

14.  Maritime English (Non Core Module) 

15.  Engineering Mathematics (Non Core Module) 



· Min Nitec or Higher Nitec, preferably with the following:

   - Marine Engineering

   - Offshore & Marine Engineering Design

   - Marine & Offshore Technology

· Post-NS (for men)

· No night and colour blindness

· Physically & Medically Fit

· Highly disciplined and motivated

· Prepared to work shifts when at sea (Est. 6-9 months onboard)

· Able to commit to at least 3 years of training



To successfully complete the training, cadets must pass all the core modules with a passing mark of 60% and non-core modules with a passing mark of 50%. 

Upon successful completion of the training, the cadets will be issued with the following documents from WMI: 

· Certificate in Marine Engineering (Pre-Sea Marine Engineering Program)

· Examination Results

· Discharge Letter 


The cadets may also require the following documents before being able to commence their sea service (15 months), subject to the respective requirements of the different shipping companies: 

· Company Supporting Letter for US Visa applications 

· Successful medical and Drug & Alcohol checks 


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